Contracts delivered by Hareonna Diversity

South West Railways: Research participant, February 2021

Provided advice on way finding and accessibility of stations as part of a research project.

Vision Foundation: Grants and Impact Advisory Committee Member, Feb 2021

Assessing bids for funding for the Vision Foundation.

Eltham Palace, English Heritage: Accessibility Advisor, July 2020

Provided advice on the accessibility of the Palace’s socially distanced grounds route.

Scope: Diversity and Inclusion Lead, March 2018 ongoing

Developing and delivering Scope’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy.

Royal National Institute of Blind People: Inclusion Manager, September - December 2017

I managed RNIB’s response to the Department for Transport’s Accessible Action Plan consultation including organising workshops, developing an online questionnaire and drafting the final response report. I then used the evidence gathered to set out a high level transport policy and campaigns strategy for the coming years. 

Bedford Creative Arts: Equality and Diversity Advisor March 2017 ongoing

I provide ad hoc advice on equality and diversity issues including advice on BCAs Equality Policy and Action Plan.

Goss Consultancy Limited: Associate ad hoc since March 2017

Projects including providing advice on transport projects and to the Imperial War Museum in May 2017.

Transport for London: Independent Disability Advisory Group Member May 2016 ongoing 

I provide strategic advice to TfL relating to disability access and inclusion. I specialise in reviewing EqIAs (Equality Impact Assessments,) the Sub Regional Mobility Forum, Road safety and links to the wider GLA.

The Papworth Trust: Stakeholder mapping exercise and report March 2016

I drafted a stakeholder mapping report covering the themes of housing, care and employment for Papworth’s policy and campaigns team.  

Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and Action for Blind People Delivered training on using LinkedIn and other social media to job search, January 2016

I ran two half day courses with blind and partially sighted job seekers covering how to use LinkedIn and other social media platforms to job search including how to overcome access issues, how to keep safe online and how to make the most of social media for job searching.

Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) Campaigns Advisor Talking ATMs and financial rights, November 2015 until June 2017

Leading on RNIB’s Make Money Talk campaign by working with banks to ensure that talking ATMs are introduces and promoted. Campaigning on better access to financial products and information for blind and partially sighted people. 

Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) Campaigns Advisor for transport, June 2015 until June 2017

Leading on the RNIB Bus charter campaign by encouraging bus operators to make positive changes to their services for blind and partially sighted people by signing up to the charter. Organising events with bus operators and working with campaigners locally to improve services.

European Blind Union (EBU) Twitter Master Class trainer,  September - October 2015 and again in September 2016  

Developed and delivered training for EBU and European sight loss charities on how to campaign more effectively on Twitter and using other social media. 

Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) Community Involvement Advisor, January - May 2015 

I advised RNIB and set up project structures for a project to increase membership and involvement of members over the coming few years. I carried out research with RNIB members and campaigners as well as Action for Blind People Connect members and RNIB and Action staff. I also carried out research into how other membership organisations increased involvement from their membership. I delivered a report proposing a way forward for the current Members Forum. I managed the recruitment and first meeting of an advisory board made up of blind and partially sighted people for the project. 

NHS England: Independent appraiser of information standards, September 2014 ongoing

After receiving training at the end of September I should start independently assessing NHS England health and social care information standards. My area of expertise in this appraisal system is impact on patients and carers.

Department for Education: Research advisor, November 2012 - July 3013

Working in partnership with Cooper Gibson Research and representing Disability Rights UK, contributing to the formal evaluation of Supported Internships for disabled students. Interviewing college staff and students, contributing to evaluation framework and seminars, and providing disability rights perspective to the evaluation.

CLIC Sargent: Researcher,  November 2012

Analysed questionnaire data relating to feedback, from parents of children with a diagnosis of cancer, on the CLIC Sargent Big Bag pilots. Wrote up findings into a report. which could be used to secure more funding and support for the project.

Department for Work and Pensions: Facilitator of event, November 2012

For the Office of Disability Issues at DWP, facilitated workshop attended by the UK's leading disability organisations as well as senior government and business representatives. The aim of the workshop was to generate discussion and ideas in relation to a proposed "Disability Action Alliance."

Disability Rights UK: Education Policy Advisor, September 2011 - September 2012

Originally working for Disability Alliance before their merger into Disability Rights Uk in January 2012. Focused on Further and Higher Education, produced a termly policy update for members including Universities and Colleges across the UK. Responded to Government consultations, carried out research with students, delivered disability  awareness sessions with students at South Bank College and provided general education policy advice and guidance.

Trinity College London: Advisor on accessibility and disability strategy, January - August 2012

Working in partnership with Benet Middleton, advised Trinity on their current policies and procedures in light of their obligations under the Equality Act 2010. Proposed a strategy to improve their services for disabled customers. Delivered a one day work shop with staff.

Birmingham City University: Disability Equality Trainer, July 2012

Developed  equality and diversity training and delivered (in partnership with Andrea Lewis) to the Disability Services Team at Birmingham City University.

CLIC Sargent: Researcher, April - September 2012

Delivered 3 workshops across the UK with people between the ages of 16 - 25 who had a diagnosis of cancer, to find out what information they thought should be included in an information booklet for young people diagnosed with cancer. Developed an online questionnaire for those unable to attend the workshops. Analysed findings and wrote up report including a draft outline for the proposed information booklet. Advised on the production of the booklet.

Tribal: Disability awareness trainer, March 2012

Developed and delivered disability awareness training to employees who were about to work with young people at risk of being not in education, employment or training at age 16. The training focussed on the barriers faced by young people with learning difficulties, mental health conditions or who are on the autistic spectrum.

St John RC School: Team building trainer, September 2011

Developed and delivered team building training for 75 staff at school teaching 5 -19 year olds with disabilities. 

Essex Coalition of Disabled People: Disability rights trainer, November 2011

Developed and delivered training for an Essex Housing association disability advisory group. Training also included how to be an affective group and work well as a team.

Equality and Human Rights Commission: Drafted non statutory equality  guidance, March - July 2011

Drafted non statutory guidance on Housing and Transport to sit alongside the Equality Act 2010.

Metropolitan Police Service (MPS): Recruitment Consultant,  September 2010 - March 2011 

Acted as a Recruitment consultant for the MPS diversity unit for the recruitment and induction of a new Disability Independent Advisory Group. This included developing a facilitating the induction day once successfully recruited.

Royal Association of Disability Rights (RADAR): Events organiser and advisor on training consultancy, September 2010 - July 2011

Developed strategy for RADAR's  training and consultancy business including writing training programmes on wellbeing and mental health at work, pursuing and negotiating leads for contracts. Also organised the 2011 RADAR AGM as well as a round table policy event for leading politicians and business representatives who have an interest in disability.

Essex Coalition of Disabled People: Disability equality trainer, December 2010 - March 2011

In partnership with Natalie Meadows, delivered 11 days disability equality training to Essex Housing Association staff who worked with disabled people in supported housing. 

London Deanery: Disability Involvement advisor and facilitator, November 2010 - January 2011

Advised the London Deanery (which trains post graduate GP's and other doctors) on how best to involve disabled people in their Equality Scheme. Organised and facilitated an involvement meeting with disabled people concluding with a written report for the Deanery.

Action for Children: Disability Awareness Trainer,  August 2010 - August 2012 on ad hoc basis

Developed and delivered disability awareness training for volunteers,  specializing in understanding and supporting young adults with mental health conditions, learning disability and neurological conditions such as autism.

Inclusion London, Disability law event organiser and facilitator, July  - October 2010

Working in partnership with Caroline Gooding,  organised and delivered a seminar on the Equality Act in the autumn of 2010 

Kingston University: Disability trainer, June 2010

For the Faculty of Health and Social Care, delivered training to nursing course tutors and mentors on disability legislation, including the Equality Act, and making reasonable adjustments for disabled students on work placement.

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