I started my career as an English and Drama secondary school teacher. My teacher training and subsequent years teaching gave me a fantastic grounding in the principals of learning and teaching. Training adults can be a very different prospect to training young people though. Over the last 14 years I have been training adults in many settings. I have received regular train the trainer type training myself; one of the first things you learn if you want to teach or train others is the importance of continually learning and developing your own skills! 

Who can I train? 

Anyone, from senior managers to volunteers, employees, service users and customers, young and old. I can tailor any training session to meet the needs of those being trained. I have developed and delivered training for Medical staff, teachers, housing associations, disabled people's organisations, the police, customer service professionals, volunteers and many more.

What can you provide training in?

I have most experience in delivering the following types of training:

  • Equality legislation for employers and employees training 
  • Promoting disability awareness and involvement (including specific training about visual impairment, mental health, dyslexia, and neuro diverse conditions like autism.)
  • Using social media for campaigning, job hunting, for community engagement including accessibility issues and safeguarding
  • Knowing your rights and making the most of them (for disability organisations.)
  • Customer service training - meeting the needs of all customers
  • Team building training
  • Staff well being and addressing mental health issues in the work place
  • Job skills training 

How many people can you train in one session?

This really depends on the type of training being offered. Generally you need more than 6 people to make a good training group. For most training session anything form 5 to 25 people would work but for team building I have trained up to 70 staff all at once in a team away day setting.

How long do training sessions last?

This is totally up to the client and what their needs are. I can deliver all day or half day sessions, lunch time or breakfast sessions or even on the job training. I have also developed whole packages of training for companies on staff well being.

Do you provide train the trainer sessions?

Yes! I can develop train the trainer sessions for organisations so that their own staff can be equipped to continue to deliver training to new employees or existing staff. 

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about the type of training I can offer!

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